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KAP Lampu TL / Neon Armature

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Lampu TKO 2 x 36 Watt dan TKO 1 x 36 Watt

Rp. 1 (Call)

TKO lights 2 x 36 Watt and 1 x 36 Watt TKO is kind TKO Lampshade for light 1 x TLD 36 and Lamp Watt 2 x 36 Watt TLD, lighting beam models with additional reflector / wing to....
Kap Lampu TL LED 2 x 20 Watt Tutup Cover Acrylic Susu

Rp. 1 (Call)

Kap LED Tube Lamp 2 x 20 Watts Close Milk Acrylic Lampshade Cover TL models Inbow workers for TL Fluorescent lamps size 2 x 36 Watt + Cover Acrylik Milk
It is suitable and widely....
Kap Lampu TKI Cover Acrylic Bening TL LED 2 x 20W Essensial PHILIPS

Rp. 1 / Pieces (Call)

Lampshade TKI Clear Acrylic Cover is the TL LED 2 x 20W of life PHILIPS is the hood lighting fixtures for Lights T8 LED TL 2 x 20W Lamp PHILIPS, of life type of TKI 2 x 20W LED TL....
Kap TL Bambu 1 x 36 Watt Philips

Rp. 1 / Set (Call)

Bamboo TL hood 1 x 36 Watt lamp Philips TL models are locally made bamboo using fluorescent lamp / Neon 36 watts and Philips brand components, armature made of thick plate....
Kap Lampu RM TL LED 2 x 10W
Kap RM TL LED 2 x 10W, the model is very beautiful and very suitable for LED Flourencent lamp, alloy for use in luxury office space, economically priced, top quality product but....
Lampu RM Grille TL LED 2 x 18 Watt 120cm Merk Okasiwa

Rp. 1 / Set (Call)

RM Grille LED lights TL 2 x 18 Watt 120cm Brand Okasiwa, alloy lamp housing models RM Grill + LED Tube Lamp 2 x 18 Watt super bright ( equivalent as usual TL 40 Watt length 120 cm....
Kap Lampu RM TL 2 x 36W Akuistik M5 Reflector Kaca

Rp. 1 / Pieces (Call)

RM Lampshade TL 2 x 36W Reflector Akuistik M5 shiny as glass is Light house RM models for fluorescent lamp 2 x 36 Watt, or LED Lights 18 Watt 2 x length 120 cm
Lamp house design....
Kap Balok V 2 x 36 Watt Philips

Rp. 1 / Pieces (Call)

Hood V beam is 2 x 36 Watt Model TL Lampshade for light beams V 2 x 36 Watt Philips
Combined with a content component Philips lamps, elegant models suitable for penerangam in....
Lampu TL LED T8 20W Essensial Philips + Kap Balok TL LED

Rp. 1 / Pieces (Call)

TL lamp LED T8 20W of life Philips + Kap Beam LED lighting Lamps are TL type T8 LED TL 20 Watt 220V Philips Brand long Life ( 20 Watts = 120 cm Long) , the best quality, the....
Kap Lampu IB Acrylic Bening 2 x 36W Mirror Buka Belakang

Rp. 1 / Pieces (Call)

Lampshade IB Clear 2 x 36W Acrylic Mirror Open Back is a type of Hood lighting fixtures IB reflector mirror cover Clear Acrylic cover for TL-D lamps Philips 2 x 36 Watt

Lampu RM T5 Mirror Lover 3 x 14 Watt

Rp. 1 / Pieces (Call)

RM lamps T5 Mirror Lover 3 x 14 Watt lamp is the type of lamp for Mirror RMI T5 3 x 14 Watts, hood or house lights for lamp type TL size T5 yg slimmer or more slim and efficient....
Kap Lampu Waterproof TCW 097 Philips


Waterproof Lampshade TCW 097 Philips Philips 2x18W for fluorescent lamp with IP65, Standard Index Protection / IP65, merupahkan Lampshade Philips brand for Outdoor Lighting for....
Kap Lampu GMS 1 x 36 Watt Cover Susu


GMS Lampshade Cover 1 x 36 Watt Milk is the hood or the GMS light beam models with a cover made of Acrylic Cover with a choice of color covers Milk White, or Clear Transparent
Lampu TBS 318 2x36W TL-D HF M2 PHILIPS

Rp. 1 / Pieces (Call)

TBS lamps 2x36W TL-318 D HF M2 PHILIPS is the Philips RM TBS Lampshade 318 Mirrors for light Louver Lamellae Ribbed 2 x TL 36 Watts, hood TL lamps or House 2 x 36 Watt Philips....
Kap Waterproof Lampu TL 2 x 36 Watt

Rp. 1 / Set (Call)

Lampshade Water Proof TLD 2 x 36 Watt, with IP65 ( Protection Index Standard / IP65) , merupahkan Lampshade for Outdoor Lighting for Waterproof / Water Resistant, tested quality....
Kap Waterproof Dustproof TL 2 x 36W High Quality Klem Stainless

Rp. 1 / Seed (Call)

Waterproof Dustproof hood TL 2 x 36W High Quality Stainless Clamps are Lampshade TL 2 x 36 Watt Waterproof or Dustproof classmate Philips TCW but has the advantage of more with....
Kap Lampu Waterproof atau Dustproof Fitting E27

Rp. 1 (Call)

Lampshade Fittings Dustproof Waterproof or E27, is a lampshade waterproof, dustproof, with Cover Acrilic transparently designed to withstand rough weather exposure, use of light....
Lampu Plafon BARET
Ceiling lamp models sweeteners beauty beret for indoor home / office, bus station way, buildings, etc.

The design is stylish while still prioritizing efficiency, a collection....
Kap Lampu WD Hijau dan Stainless E40 dan E27

Rp. 1 / Pieces (Call)

WD Green Lampshade and Stainless E27 and E40 is the Lampshade for illumination of industrial or housing complex, can use the lights of life, Snail, Spiral, or Jumbo 125W Mercury....
Lampu plafon / Ceiling Lamp / Lampu Baret
Ceiling lamp / Ceiling Lamp / Lamp Beret is a type of sweetener room lamp shades to enhance the beauty of your home / office, with a stylish design while still prioritizing....
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